EliteM3, is the 2nd Co-Owner of both CroM3 and CroM3Gaming. His Minecraft appearance is cyborg in black, blue colored suit with blue hair and eyes.

EliteM3 Minecraft Appearance
Vital statistics
Alias Goliath,Elite
Race Human
Age 17
Status Active
Gender Male
Data statistics
Horror Level Average
Registration Code NRI-E-34051


EliteM3 is calm and collected most of the time, but in the recordings he actually acts as a drunk man in the bar. Close to that, he usually makes fun of his friend Menja during the episodes. Starting from Season 3 Episode 3, EliteM3 usually attempts to burn Menja with the sentences that doesn't make any sense related to the episode or general stuff. He can actually be quite offensive, but in the revenge as a result initiates smite, spawnmob creeper/zombie command or perhaps use a sword to murder him, he used a stone shovel in episode 9 to throw Menja from the fence of the quarry, killing him. Elite and Menja both get along much of the time but Elite constantly tries to be funny, in the end he actually ends up as a clown to the audience. He likes technology, fast and better equipments. As well he enjoys dressing up as a cyborg ingame (Typical for him). He can be stubborn lots of times. EliteM3 usually jokes too much with useless stuff though he never mean it for real. Generally he talks normaly, rarely getting attention. He hates being blamed for stuff he haven't do.