Menja is Co-Owner of both CroM3 and CroM3Gaming. His Minecraft appearance is millitary styled creeper with black eyes and mouth.

Menja Minecraft Appearance
Vital statistics
Alias Menja, Grimsterr, Carrotman
Race Human
Age 18
Status Alive
Gender Male
Data statistics
Horror Level Low
Registration Code NRI-M-27593


Menja is always calm and quite a joker. Usually gets mocked by EliteM3 but offends him mostly with burning jokes. Menja since the start of CroM3Gaming seemed to be serious and actually talks truth around. However since the Season 3 Episode 3. Menja is mocked sometimes by Elite, but manages to burn him with the jokes, and as well upon being killed, revenge reactions is the same as EliteM3's, killing him in the process. Menja constantly losses health because of Elite striking him oftenly during the episodes. Menja oftenly facepalms at Elite's stupidity and nonsense jokes and in the return he burns him with the proper jokes that actually offends Elite and causes him to return fire. Menja doesn't like supercars, fast vehicles nor newest technology.. He only likes ancient buildings, history and so on.